Friday, June 22, 2007

Is your online shop guilty?

Many of us have started our own online shops in our return to work efforts. We want to work around the demands of family, and this seemed to be the way to do it. Some of us knew nothing about ecommerce, or even about how online sales worked. We put up our stores and hoped for the best.

How long is it since you looked at your business from a customers point of view? Are there things your shop does that block your sales? Are you guilty of losing your customers before they get to the checkout?

There is a great little series of really short video clips from Get Elastic that will help shift your point of view. They are funny but quite pointed. Have a look at this clip, and if you want to see more visit their site at the link above.


Nicole said...

They are great videos. Thanks for pointing us in that direction and good luck with the competition.

Jacqui said...

It can make such a difference to how your online store works if you look at it from a real life store perspective - thanks for the links.