Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Starting out online - Oz-e-wahm shares advice.

The idea of starting a website, whether it is for business or personal reasons, is enough to daunt many of us as we first start out. I remember when I first considered the idea I had no real understanding of anything to do with the web, let alone how to go online.

If only I had known about Oz-e-wahm. This is a site full of all sorts of information for work-at-home-mums (wahms) Kylie has lots of ideas and shares them with us all, and in many ways the site is a reflection of her own learning. She gives us the benefit of her experience so that we can hit the ground running with our businesses. One example is Kylie's post about finding a webhost. I didn't know what a webhost was when I started, oh ignoramus that I was.

If you are looking to start a website or even a blog then I recommend that you visit oz-e-wahm because there are lots of nuggets of information gathered there in the one spot that will save you hours of searching.


Michelle said...

I must admit I didn't know much when I set out down the road of my own business as well. I really enjoy oz-e-wahm as Kylie has created a great arena to pose any questions we might have without any fear of recriminations.

Kylie said...

And finding a great webhost is no easy task!