Tuesday, May 22, 2007

The Secret of Relaxation

The relaxation industry is thriving today in response to our mad and hectic world. Massage, day spas and even online relaxation tools like Pzizz are opening up like spring blossoms. Also booming is the recording industry's response to the need with the many different types of relaxation CD's that are now available.

Today you can buy CD's with the sounds of the forest, or the ocean, or perhaps of falling rain. You can buy collections of "Chill Out; music. You can choose gentle classical CD's with the music carefully chosen to seduce you into calm.You can even buy CD recordings of Tibetan chimes.

It is a great thing that there is such a variety of sounds available because nothing seems to divide people better than the question,"Which of these sounds will relax you best?"

Well, I am a daring person, so I will ask you this question and await the answers with interest.

Which is the sound that relaxes you most and would you buy it on CD?


Nicole said...

I love hearing the ocean lap against the shore line or rocks. I find that so relaxing. However, CD with noises of nature can be a little annoying, particularly the buzzing as they remind me of creepy crawly things. :)

Michelle said...

I must admit that I sleep with a fan on every night - winter or summer - I love the gentle hum of a fan as well as a slight cool breeze in the room. My partner calls it a hurricane but seeing as he loves me as much as he does, well then he just has to put up with it.