Monday, May 21, 2007

Blog Whammy - ever heard of it?

Oz-e-wahm Blog Whammy was started by Kylie from Oz-e-wahm. Kylie's aim is to help mums working from home to build a strong and thriving business.

In Kylie's words: "In a nutshell, a Blog Whammy is all about gaining more traffic to your blog. Once a week a blog is chosen to whammy, causing an influx of traffic, comments and links to the blog and overall increasing the blogs popularity."

At the moment there are 10 blogs participating. I am proud to be working with these inspirational women. Their blogs are diverse and cover a huge range of topics. Whammy or no whammy, I would be visiting these blogs on a regular basis. The beauty of the whammy is that we can all increase our readership and gain more exposure and then more links.

The member blogs are:

All Things Scrapbooking
Aussie WAHM
Diva Days
Modern Goddess
My New Shiny Shoes
Quilt Fabric Delights
Rainbow Designs
The Tall Poppy
Tonic Gifts

We would love some new members of our group so if you would like to join, hop over to the Whammy site and register.


Michelle said...

I really enjoy participating in the whammy and as you say Anne, the blogs are varied and interesting that we would be reading them regardless of the whammy.

Nicole said...

Kylie is doing a great job at supporting work at home mums.