Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Something New.

Dichroic glass is a new material, discovered during work on the space program. The word 'dichroic' means having more that one colour. Dichroic glass is made when thin layers of metallic substances like magnesium are baked onto the surface of the glass. The different colours are a result of different blends of metals. The shimmer and irridescence of the glass is caused by the different reflective properties of the metals. As light hits the glass it is either refracted (causing a split in the rays) or can pass straight through.

The resulting colours are vibrant and sparkling making dichroic glass a wonderful material for jewellery. It is difficult to photograph because of the effects of the light so the brilliance of such pieces is hard to catch.

Set in sterling silver this pendant and earring set is made of dichroic glass. The pendant is 4 cms long and the earrings are about 2cm long not including the shepherds hook. They make a very effective display. Available from Beauty Banquet.

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