Monday, April 30, 2007

Rainbow Designs - Who has the best job in the world?

I am considering applying for a job. Seriously. Where? At Rainbow Designs. What? You don't know Rainbow Designs? Well, you have missed the best lolly shop on the web.

Rainbow Designs is an online gift shop full of lolly hampers that just scream "Eat Me!". Even better, did you know that chocolate can be good for you?

Jacqui says that she personally taste tests all her products so I think it is about time she recruited a new taster and I know just the person for the job!


Michelle said...

I think you'd have a hard time trying to convince Jacqui to share thought seeing as she is a self confessed sweet tooth! :-)

Sarah said...

Thanks for sharing that Anne! Justification for eating chocolate is always helpful.

Suzanne said...

sign me up! I'd like to taste test all the chocolate please.

Nicole said...

Pick me, pick me... if you're successful in becoming a tester and you're ever sick, I'll be happy to fill in.