Thursday, April 26, 2007

The Poppy Choppers

You know what it is like. You have made your mind up to try something new, and along they all come. Chop chop. "You really shouldn't do that, dear." There goes that little idea. It is funny, isn't it, how people want to keep you in the same box forever? Nobody seems to want you to change. I guess that is a compliment in many ways, but when it is time for you to spread your wings you don't want anyone to hold you back. I call them the Poppy Choppers.

There are many ways to hold you back and they are not always that obvious. Think about the people you hear from only when things go wrong? The people who turn up for coffee even though they know you should be working? The people who run interference in your life?

I found a post today by Craig Harper who talks about energy vampires. These are the people who are exhausting to be around whether they are an outright poppy chopper, or the person who is continually whining about the same issue every time you see them. They can't change their lives (probably secretly enjoy the drama) but they expect you to listen to their litany of complaints with a willing ear.

If you want to make a successful change in your life then these are the people you need to be rid of. You can avoid them, you can cut them completely out of your life, or you can devise a planned way to minimise their impact. (Knock-out drops would come in handy sometimes, wouldn't they?)

For some really helpful suggestions read Craig's post. It is well worth while.

Then go and spread your wings.


Craig Harper said...

Hi Anne,

hey! Thanks for the tick of approval... just had a stroll around your site.. nice work.

You write well, keep it up...

live, laugh, love and learn,


jen from mildura said...

Hi anne - i like the poopy choppper description too - works for me.