Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Oops. my poppy is sagging!

Sometimes there are things that are just never going to happen. Things like the rivers running uphill, sheep revealing their hidden, limitless intelligence, and me being skilled at scrapbooking.

Oh, the shame. All thumbs, gluey bits stuck in embarrassing places, and a globby page to show for all my tears and tantrums. No, I am not finished yet - there is more indignity to come. My 10 year old daughter completed 2 stunning pages while I was still trying to move the sticker from where I had accidently deposited it on my very first move. My poppy was sagging so low that its petals were getting dirty.

Imagine how I felt when I visited recently. It was like being in a foreign land. I really admire the people who can be so delicate and precise to produce such wonderful work. Still, you can't keep a good poppy down. While I was at All Things Scrapbooking I discovered digital scrapbooking. Now this is more my style.

If permanently glued fingers and papercuts aren't for you have a look at Digital Scrapbooking. There is soon to be a beginners course available. I know what I will be doing. (And don't go telling my daughter about it!)


Kylie said...

ROFL!! You are too funny and I also can't wait to hear more about the dig scrapping. :)

Anne said...

The hardest part is that I am not joking! I am awful! I would love to do it but I can't so I am hoping that the digital version is better for me. At least I should be able to edit it without getting my fingers glued together.

pinkapple said...

Oh Anne
I really admire people who can do creative stuff like scrapbooking but I KNOW that i just suck at stuff like that!!
I NOW recognize that my creative abilities lie in the same direction as yours - writing.
So why would you fret about putting yourself into foreign territory and not knowing the language? It's OK you're in the right territory here!!!
Cheer up we'll just have to drink more chardy at the Mum's Night Out!!

domestika said...

I think I've been resisting the idea of digital scrapbooking, for some unknown (but probably irrational) reason... now you've got me all curious, and I'll have to check it out!

Anne said...

I know that I have some artistic abilities, but I need to find the right outlet for them. I have my fingers crossed for this digital version. Just don't let me loose with scissors or paper becomes an endangered species.

jen said...

I love scrapbooking - and have been a CM consultant in the past and often had the 'I am not creative' student to teach - let me just say this about the scrapbooks - and I have more than a dozen of them. When they get perused in 50 or 100 years from now, the photos will be interesting the decoration nice or awful - but it will be what is written and read that really counts. Those looking at them are hungry for the 'story' so focus on the journaling - and believe it or not your handwriting is never to be sneezed at - it is unique to you and your grandchildren will appreciate readin orginial dicumentation in your own hand. they won;t be thinking about it's style or shape, but what it says. I fopund a letter written to me by my grandmother over 20 years is one of my most precious treasures. So write away - and if you must do it on the pc and paste it into a real scrapbook that someone can sit with in a noce place and read it.