Sunday, April 29, 2007


We have a Womens Business Network in our area that I set up so that the WAHM's here could be less isolated, and have access to support that they may not have had otherwise. It is a great little group, full of enthusiasm. Part of my role is to bring the group to the notice of influential locals. All well and good, until the recent opening of a local Health Centre.

This is a country town, so events such as this are celebrated by the whole population, and local MP's, the Mayor and councillors all attend. What a great opportunity to promote our network. I got all dolled up and put on my professional face and headed off to the event.

There were lots of fun activities for kids face painting, badge making and so on, as well as afternoon tea for the grown ups. I spied our MP quietly taking a breather in the corner and darted towards him looking confident, like a tall poppy should.

I gave him an excellent (if I so say so myself) rundown about the Network, our aims and plans, and our hopes of his support. For some reason he was quite vague, unlike his normal self. His eyes were darting everywhere else around the room and it seemed as though he wasn't really concentrating on what I had to say. I must say that this was a bit disappointing.

It wasn't until I got home and looked in the mirror that I realised that my face was still decorated with a most beautiful glittery butterfly that had been painted on at the opening! I never did make it to the bathroom to wash it off!

Oh well, butterfly or not, I did my best. It was no wonder that the poor man couldn't equate my look with anything business related!


Michelle said...

Well done for all your efforts for a very worthy cause. That is just too funny about the mayor - at least it will make you more memorable on the next occasion. ;-)

pinkapple said...

NO! We DON'T want pretty generic photos of children having their face painted.
we want a photo of the Tall Pooy herself resplendent in HER face painting of the butterfly!!!
When do we want them???

Niocle said...

At least your butterfly was beautiful and glittery... how could he not appreciate it. ;-)