Friday, April 20, 2007

How to Choose the Perfect Jewellery for Your Wedding.

You want to look perfect, don’t you?

I would guess that you spent hours poring over bridal magazines, visiting wedding outfitters and trying on wedding gowns so you could find the most magical wedding dress for yourself, right?

Well, I hate to tell you that you have wasted your time if you don’t put the same amount of effort into selecting your wedding jewellery. The wrong jewellery will clash with your gown and leave your guests wondering what exactly was wrong with your look.

Let me give you a few things to think about before you get shopping, but remember that there are no hard and fast rules.

The Style of Your Wedding Dress.

Your jewellery should be in the same style as your dress. If you are being married on a beach in a hippie-style dress then organic jewellery such as a really long strand of beads or pearls will look much better than a rhinestone necklace. On the other hand, if you plan on leaping out of a plane a long necklace will end up hitting you in the face, and that isn’t a good look. For a more traditional wedding think about traditional jewellery made of pearls or crystals.

If your dress is heavily beaded keep your jewellery simple. If your dress is very simple and elegant you have more choices. Keep it delicate with a strand of pearls or a single crystal pendant, or add a decorative effect with a lovely drop-style necklace.

The Colour of Your Dress

Cream dresses beg for gold and pearls. The soft creamy lustre of a pearl will look stunning against the creamy gowns. White gowns will look best with silver, white pearls and clear crystals - think Ice Princess

The Scale of Your Body

Are you a small and delicate build? Perhaps you are more on the Goddess end of the scales. Try to find jewellery that is on the same scale as you. Nothing looks sillier than chunky jewellery on a bird-sized body unless it is tiny little pieces lost against the skin of a large woman.

The Neckline of Your Dress.

A dress with a high neckline will not need any jewellery around the neck. Instead, find a stunning pair of earrings as your decorative feature. If your dress is strapless you can select from necklaces that sit high around the neck such as a choker, or those that sit lower down. A necklace that matches the shape of the neckline is an elegant touch. Y-shaped necklaces look stunning on quite a low neckline, and a simple strand will echo the shape of a curved neckline. Just make sure that your necklace does not extend beyond the neckline (either inside it or out!)

Are you Wearing Sleeves?

Many brides choose not to have long sleeved dresses. If your arms look very bare you may like to wear a bracelet that matches your necklace. Again, remember to match it with the scale of your body. Be careful too, that the bracelet you choose doesn’t catch on the lace or beading of your dress. If your dress is detailed you may be best to choose a simple bangle.

What about Earrings?

If your necklace is elaborate you may need to keep your earrings simple. Too much of a good thing, remember? If you are not wearing a necklace you can choose a more dramatic earring as there will be no clash. There are some stunning sets available which will take the guess-work out of it for you.

Regardless of whether your hair is up or down the choice of earring will fall to personal taste. If your hair is long it is easier to see earrings that dangle, but classic diamond or pearl studs will always look elegant.

Jewellery and Face Shapes

For the most flattering look take care that the shape of your jewellery does not reflect the shape of your face unless it is the perfect oval. If you have a long thin face and decide to wear a dangling necklace and earrings, your face will only look longer and thinner. Try something with a bit of width to it. Round faces look fatter surrounded by round earrings and pendants, but will be slimmed by slender dangling shapes. Take a look at the shape of your face, and consider which will flatter it most.

Fashion or Real Jewellery?

Whether you buy real or fashion jewellery is personal choice. If this is going to be jewellery that you will wear again then it is a good idea to go for real pieces. If you are following a classic style then the pieces that you select will never be unfashionable so it is worth spending a little more on them. If you are the kind of person who will wear the jewels only for your wedding and then put them away as a keepsake, go for costume. There are some stunning costume pieces available and you will be able to buy so much more for your money.

Right now you are probably scratching your head and crying that it is all too hard. It isn’t, really. Remember the main points.

Let your jewellery reflect your personal style
There is no right or wrong, just recommendations.
Don’t let your jewellery overpower your dress.
Make sure that you love the pieces that you buy

You will be a stunning, confident and co-ordinated bride. Have wonderful wedding day to remember forever.


Donna-Marie said...

What a brilliant post Anne! Not that I'm planning on getting married again, but I'll pass the info on to my little sister :)

pinkapple said...

With my son getting married later in the year, this has just been forwarded to his fiance!
Excellent advice here Anne