Wednesday, March 14, 2007

True Beauty is in us all.

I have just visited the blog at Modern Goddess Online . There is an inspiring post about what real beauty is and how it is there to be seen in everyone. This is something that I really try to teach my children, having seen the mess such a lack of self confidence can make in young lives.
It is also the one of the main beliefs underpinning my business, and applies to people of all ages.

Have a look at the little clip which is from the Dove Real Beauty campaign, something that I support wholeheartedly. As the blog says, you will feel uplifted by the end of it.

Make sure you visit this blog and read through some of the posts. It is all about women realising that they have more power and control over themselves and their lives than they realise.


Michelle said...

It is such a great ad - I think Dove have done a fantastic job with their Real Beauty Campaign.

Nicole said...

Thanks for the link through Anne. I do love the Dove Real Beauty Campaign.

Kylie said...

Nicole's blog is fabulous isn't it!!!