Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Simply Successful Secrets.

My friend Chris at Pink Apple has asked me for my Simply Successful Secrets.

The guidelines are "Compose a new blog post listing the top 5 to 10 things that you do almost every day that help you to be successful. They can be anything at all, but they have to be things that you do at least 4 or 5 times every week."

Am I successful? I don't yet know, but I am working hard at it, so here are the things that I do on a regular basis to help me get there.

1. Network. No home business is an island. We all need ideas, support, encouragement or just a good foot in the rear sometimes. When you work from home, your help is likely to come from an online source so I visit my online network often. I might get some help or be able to give it. Either way I am strengthening my links and building allies for my business. It is also a good excuse for a chat.

2. Maintain contacts. I know that this is sort of like networking but I distinguish between networking and keeping in touch with my suppliers or clients. There is nothing better than getting to know your suppliers if you can, because they will give you help when you need it -that parcel will be packed straight away. Keeping in touch with your clients means building relationships there too. Relationships are what will build your business. Another good excuse for a chat.

3. Drink multiple cups of tea in my Real Mums Mug. Some of you know how devastated I was when Mug 1 died. Mad Cow was so concerned that she sent me a replacement. Mug 2 and I start the day together every morning and she keeps me going throughout the long day.

4. Surf the net. (also known as keeping up with the trends) I love to have an excuse to be able to see what lovely things are out there. Jewellery, perfume, new products, new fashions. It is girl heaven and all perfectly justified. How will I ever be successful if I don't keep an eye on everyone else. (haha)

5. Early to bed and early to rise makes a Net Business increase it's size! Any WAHM will tell you that you get your best work done when the kids and husbands are asleep. In my house it is first thing in the morning. Bliss! As a classic 'introvert' (sorry Pink Apple) I also need my quiet time to recharge myself and for me that has to be when I pile into bed early. It is the only time I get to myself all day and I value it. It is my thinking time too.

6. Keep at it. What more can I say? Don't give up if it isn't happening straight away for you. Just keep getting up every day and working away at it.

There are many things that I should be doing to build my business, and undoubtedly they will all get done at some stage. The main thing that I do to increase my chances of success is to pace myself. It took a long time to stop racing at things like a bull at a gate. Now I am able to plan more strategically and so I make better decisions.


pinkapple said...

OOh Anne!
We'll have no apologies for being an introvert thank you.
I can assure you there are times when I love my own space and no-one in it (not even SweetP) and if I don't get enough of that I run out of motivation.
But yes I do love to party as well!
Now why didn't I think about having a business where you can surf - sorry market research - on all the girlie sites!!!!!!

Aaron said...


Thanks a bunch for participating, and the best laugh that I've gotten so far today was when I clicked on the link about your coffee cup! That is SO going up on my blog at some point! :)

Also, I am with you on needing the quiet time. I am more of an extrovert than an introvert, but I am capable of functioning all by my onesy (sorry, Captain Jack reference), and I actually get uneasy if I don't get enough alone time.

Great list, Anne. I'm looking forward to adding your tips to the master list! :)

Anne said...

Thank you both for the feedback. The task was a good one and really made me think.

Michelle said...

Great post and I think you are well on your way to being successful.