Saturday, February 24, 2007

Why do I blog?

Michelle of Tonic Gifts has just asked me to tell her why I blog. It is a good question.

I began my blog last year when I needed a space to store my articles so that I didn't have to put the entire thing into a newsletter. Imagine opening a newsletter to see nothing but words everywhere? Who would have time to read it? My website did not have the capacity to store articles so I looked for an alternative, and blogging was it.

I was new to the whole concept of blogging and I don't know that I had ever actually read a blog, so I just did my own thing and here it is.

I don't want a tight format to my blog. I want to post things that come to me over the course of the day or week. I love to write and I am enjoying this experience.

The good thing about having a blog is that I have lots of new readers now, and that translates into traffic to my site. I think that a blog can give the reader some insight into the person behind a business. This is about as close as an online business can come to being 'face to face' with a customer.

I have a blog at too. I must be a glutton for punishment.

So now I will ask the same question of the following people:

Kitty at
Chris at

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Kitty said...

Hi Anne,

I will happily respond to your challenge!

I started blogging over a year ago firstly as a means to keep an online journal of my currency trades (hence the name forex-kitty)so it was very dull and boring - why did I take that trade, did I manage it properly, how much profit/loss did I make yadda yadda yadda zzzzzzzzz. Then I sort of stopped for a while at the end of last year because it was just too much trouble and effort. I had a seperate blog where I had uploaded photos I had taken while travelling and in December I thought I'd amalgamate those two blogs and once I started painting again, it flowed on from there until now, where my blog is my online art gallery and way of exploring the art world by visiting the blogs of other artists and all round interesting people. And not a single word about anything related to finance :)