Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Colour is Everything.

Isn't it nice when someone tells you how good you are looking? It gives you a boost for the whole day, doesn't it? Sometimes all it takes to make you look great, or look ill, is the colour choice you have made for the days outfit.

If your favourite colour is hot pink then the chances of you looking good in khaki are slim to non-existent. Wearing the wrong colour can age you, make you look ill or drain all the colour from your face. The right colours will give you colour in your face and add an impression of health and vitality.

Finding out what colours suit you is a great investment in the building of a wearable wardrobe. After having your colours assessed you will take away a colour swatch that you can take with you and use as a guide when you shop . It will help you select the best colours for your complexion.

I recommend Colour Me Confident as a great read to introduce you to the colour seasons.

Add some colour to your life.

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