Saturday, February 03, 2007

Be a Tall Poppy.

One of the main beliefs underpinning our business is that we should all be a Tall Poppy at least once in our lives. We should all have our 5 minutes of fame, no matter what form it may take.

What is a Tall Poppy? If I ask you to name some you will probably think of Nicole and Kylie. They are highly talented and successful in their chosen field. These poppies stand out above the rest of us, but did you know that the poppy has been a symbol of fantasy and dream in some cultures? Even in literature the poppy is often symbolic of forgetfulness and fantasy. Success like theirs is the stuff of dreams.

So does that mean that we can’t be Tall Poppies too? No, not at all.

Think about the Tall Poppies in your community, not just those who make the glossy magazines. What about the lady down the street? Everyone loves her because she is a wonderful coach at the tennis club. What about the man at the Milk Bar? Everyone knows him because he always gives wonderful service. What about the teacher that all the kids go to, even if he is not theirs? These people aren’t rich and famous but they have worked hard to be really good at what they do. They are Tall Poppies just as much as Nicole and Kylie.

Tall Poppies don’t have to be stunningly beautiful. Have a look at the flower itself. It isn’t glamorous like a rose, or pretty like a camellia. It is actually a fairly ungainly looking flower on top of long stalk yet it is strong and brightly coloured. It is noticeable and it is proud. It thrives in the company of others. Poppies are a symbol for fertility, rebirth and regeneration. They are the flower of remembrance but not sorrow. They are the flower that represents new growth. That is a reputation to be proud of.

Look at the glorious colour in this field of poppies, standing together, dominating the view, attracting the eye. Who wouldn’t want to be part of that field? (Painting by Steve Thoms)

And far and wide, in a scarlet tide,
The poppy's bonfire spread.
Poems of the Orient--The Poet in the East (st. 4)

We don’t have to have the talent of a pop star or the looks of a film star to be a Tall Poppy. All you have to do is to believe in yourself, be the best you can be and encourage others to reach their potential. That is what a Tall Poppy is.

Come and play in my poppy field. The only thing holding you back is you.

The poppy opens her scarlet purse of dreams.
- Scharmel Iris, Early Nightfall

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