Thursday, January 11, 2007

How Do You Know When You Are Going Too Fast?
Some days I just wake up and wonder where the week has gone. It is Friday morning and what have I done with the week? I have had every day so full of activity that it is all a blur.

These are the temporary time outs that you have sometimes. You know the ones - the times when you notice that your child has suddenly grown, or your favourite tree has finished flowering, and you wonder when it all happened. This is when you know that you are going too fast through the days.
We are so busy getting things done that we miss the things we really love. Why do we do it to ourselves? Will life or the business really fall off track if you take a day off sometimes?

What can you do to give yourself some Slowed Down Time? Get some new tools.

1. Find a new clock..

This clock has a built in time off alarm. If you can't take a whole day then take a half. If you can't take a half, then at least find one hour in your day that you can claim for yourself. Get up an hour earlier. Leave work an hour earlier as you are probably doing more than your due time there anyway. Keep your Sunday to yourselves. The time is there, you just need to find it and use it well. Just set it on your clock and obey it.

2. The "No" tool.

This is really scarce tool, especially for women, but we have to find it and polish it. Learn to say no. Just because someone asks you to do something does not mean that you have to say yes. The first time is the hardest, but practice makes perfect. Try it just once and you will see that the sky doesn't fall on you, and people will still like you. It also means that when you say 'yes' you can do so wholeheartedly, and without any touch of resentment and frustration.

3. The Guilt Eraser.

Everyone needs one of these. Some of us need to rub harder than others if the guilt messages go back to your childhood, but keep at it. Write yourself a new mantra, e.g. "I do not have to solve everyone else's problems", or "I will put myself and my family first." "Sunday is my day and I do not have to give it up for non-emergencies". You know in your heart what load you need to erase, so keep your self-talk happening until your head agrees.

4. The Rubbish Evictor.

We all own so much now that a lot of our time is taken up caring for things rather than people. Just have a look at your desk if you can see it. What is it buried under? What about the house? Where do you spend your time there? Clean dishes and clothes are necessary, but what job do you do that isn't? There must be one that can wait, or be done at another time. What have you got that you have never used? Get rid of it. What about all the toys that the kids have? If they haven't used them in 12 months they won't miss them- swap them for a book. Why waste the little time you have on picking up or cleaning things you don't use? Think about travelling light. The only good thing I can say about moving house is that it makes you assess every item you own, and by the time you get to the new abode you have thrown out truckloads of rubbish. So why not use the same principle from now on?

5. The All-purpose Handyman.

Don't laugh! Why waste your Saturday mowing the grass if he can do it for you? He'll do it in half the time and you'll probably get a better job done. He can do basic repairs around the house too like cleaning out the guttering or weeding. Think of it as an investment in your family life. While he is working you can play that game of Trivial Pursuit that you have been promising the kids. You can go for a special breakfast with your partner. You can even sleep in together. Your local handyman will not charge you a lot and I see it as a 2-for-1 deal. I pay my $40 to have the garden tended and in addition I get the time to read to the kids. See? Good value, isn't it? It is even better if the handyman is good looking and I can sit in the shade with a nice cold chardonnay and watch him work!

How nice it will be to get some time back in your life so that you can stop and smell the flowers. You won't miss a moment of you childrens lives. You will notice how good your partner looks. You will even be able to spend some time on yourself.

And the world will still keep turning........

by Anne Maybus,

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