Friday, January 19, 2007

The great blog challenge

Melissa from Business Mums has laid down a challenge to those of us who have blogs. We are to undertake a series of weekly challenges to improve the way we manage our blogs. The first challenge is to announce the fact that we have accepted the challenge thrown at us. So here I go - I am accepting the challenge to lift the standard of my blog. Keep watching to see how I go.

Other members are taking up the challenge too. You might like to visit their blogs;

There will probably be more people added to this list as the challenge spreads. Who knows what is in store for us?

Watch this space..............


Chris Owen said...

As a new member of Business Mums and a blogger myself, I'll be using this to up my own ante.
Good luck. I look forward to watching developments.

Anne said...

Thanks Chris! You have the honour of posting my first ever 'comment'.