Saturday, January 27, 2007

Book Review: Spinning Around by Catherine Jinks

This wonderful book has been around a while now, but it has only just fallen into my clutches. It was written by Australian author Catherine Jinks and published in 2004.

If you are a mum and haven't read this book then get yourself to a bookshop or library and do so. It is really funny. I was caught right from the opening page. She was describing my life - house a mess, kids with nappy issues, a real life that was left behind when you started a family........ You know what I mean. What a relief to find out that other people live like I do - in what feels like total chaos.

From the blurb:

Helen's life never used to be so messy. Not when she had money in the bank, a great figure, a cutting-edge haircut and a suede brush that she only used on suede. In those days, her world was like a well-organised filofax, and her gorgeous boyfriend, Matt, was just the icing on the cake.Now it's all different. She seems to be losing her grip as she juggles two kids, a never-ending renovation and a part-time job that has unexpectedly become her refuge. As for that wildly sexy and endearingly impulsive boyfriend, he's turned into a wildly impractical and annoyingly impulsive husband.Even so, Helen doesn't want to lose him to a Girl With Purple Hair. During one crazy, out-of-control week she finds herself in some kind of bizarre soap opera, checking phone bills, emptying Matt's wallet, rifling through his underwear drawer, employing a private detective A funny, warm and universal story about finding out what's really important.

The story is great and I didn't want to put it down (especially to go clean up after people) but the best part for me was the description of the main characters daily life. It was all so scarily familiar, and it is so much easier to laugh over someone else's daily disasters than my own! The author MUST be a real mum, not a perfect one and that is a bonus for the rest of us.

Published by Allen and Unwin, $21.95

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