Friday, January 26, 2007

Aromatherapy Gifts for Men.

Introducing a stunning new range of aromatherapy products now available through Diva Days. Made by Mere Dream, these products are high quality aromatherapy bath and body products and they include a brilliant range of products for men.

Most aromatherapy products have water as one of their main ingredients. This range does not. It is made from hydrosols, essential oils and organic ingredients. It is all made by hand and some products use home grown organic botanicals.

The range is packaged in a clean, modern style and the fragrance is fantastic. Although it is definitely a masculine scent any woman would be happy to share the bath soak!

The range includes Aftershave Serum. Aftershave Tonic, Hand and Body Lotion, Bath Soak and Exfoliating Body Bar.

Oh, all right........there is more to the Mere Dream range. Women are not left out and have the choice of a couple of different ranges. The elegant Japanese products pictured above are scented with Green Tea, Lotus and Honeysuckle. There is also the Fruity Fresh range with Grape and Watermelon or Apple and Blackcurrant. Every item is full of organic botanicals and essential oils.

Mere Dream products are pure quality. To see more visit

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Michelle said...

What a great find. It is so hard to find good products for men and I just love the sound of the lotus and green tea range.