Saturday, December 16, 2006

Does the family pet suit your Image?
(a tongue in cheek look at personal style)

Let's face it, there is a certain image that we all like to portray about ourselves, isn't there? We are all cool, intelligent and wonderful people. We look the part and we act the part.

But do all the things surrounding you match the image you want to show?

What about the family pet? What style does it have? What is it doing to your image? Should you be seen in public with it? Think of Paris Hilton and her dog. It is a carefully selected fashion accessory designed to match her colouring, complement her vast selection of outfits and handbags, and to play up the caring side of her personality. Yes, she really can care for someone other than herself.

Really, the family pet is almost as important as your partner and children in upholding your image. You do have standards, you know.

This is my dog Mickey. When you look at him what do you see? Is he a big, brave boy or is he soft and sooky? Is he the epitome of intelligence or a dog who just follows along? What are the clues you pick up that give you those opinions?

He is sitting with an arched back and "curled in'' seated position. His doggy posture makes him look scared, as though he is making himself invisible. His head is not directly facing us, nor does he gaze into our eyes. His look is one of "I only do as I'm told". Like the rest of his breed, he has big, liquid brown eyes which look as gentle as a cows. Poor Mickey. He will never command respect when he looks like that.

Have a look at this dog. He is the same breed but how differently is he presenting himself?

Look at his stance. He is a dog who is ready for action. His legs are poised ready for the chase, his tail is up in anticipation.

Look at his face! He is focused intently on something that has caught his eyes, and even his ears are standing at attention. He is a dog who is using all his senses in the moment, and is ready to take decisive action. He is a leader among dogs.

All of these conclusions have been drawn from the physical presentation of the animals. They don't have clothes and accessories (unless they belong to Paris) to help present a certain style.

These are the same sort of clues that we give about ourselves every day, no matter how well groomed we are. Your stance and body language tell more about you than anything you say or do ever will.

So which dog would best suit the style of an Image Consultant? Yes, the proactive, enthusiastic dog who can act decisively and with authority. This is the person (and dog) who will make you instantly glamourous and successful.

Ahh, but I am the Image Consultant who doesn't wear makeup, prefers jeans, and doesn't hang out in the moneyed levels of society. I am the one who believes that you can present yourself with style even if you do have to shop at Target or KMart like most of us. I have a sneaking feeling that while Dog 2 would do wonders for my image, Mickey is the one that matches me well. Gee, Mickey, would you like a new doggie friend?

What does your pet say about you?

Anne Maybus [B.A., GradDipBus (HRD)} has 15 years experience in human resources. She is the owner of Go and have a look!

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