Saturday, June 24, 2006

Who Says You Don’t Have Anything to Put on Your Résumé, Mum?

(Why having children is good for your life skills.)

1. The vocal exercise given by intermittent yelling gives you a strong, clear voice that is useful in group settings.
2. Lung expansion is increased during the ‘hold your breath and count to ten’ discipline.
3. Muscle flexibility is polished as you duck and dive around the household furniture to catch your toddler before he puts his chocolate-coated fingers on the new paintwork.
4. You have an improved capacity for meditation. The yelling has to reach a certain pitch before it punctures your consciousness.
5. Your appreciation of nature will reach new levels as your children introduce you to new species of spider, beetle and frog, and bath sediment.
6. You have learnt to appreciate time spent alone. 5 minutes per day spent huddling blindly in the corner is your most valuable time and let no-one get in the way on pain of death!
7. You have developed new skills as a negotiator. Settling world differences is a walk in the park compared to the equitable division of time on the Playstation.
8. You have discovered reserves of patience that you didn’t know existed as you listen to the same joke for the 30th time and still manage to laugh.
9. You deserve an Academy Award for acting when you show delight at the gifts lovingly selected by your child which include 10 different styles of laundry pegs.
10. Your heart capacity increases with each child and your arms become as long as a baboons – of course I love you all, and you can all have a hug at once…….

About the author:

Anne Maybus [B.A., GradDipBus (HRD)} has 15 years experience in human resources. She is the owner of, a website aimed at increasing the confidence of women returning to work,, an online store and is the creator of a business women’s network at .

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