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What is your jewellery personality and how can you make it work for you?

Yes, you have a jewellery personality even if you hadn’t realised it. It is a reflection of you own personal style.

Have you ever seen a piece of jewellery at a store and said to yourself “That is something that Julie would wear”? Everyone has a different type of personality which is reflected in their clothes and accessories of choice. Stylists usually characterise the key styles as Dramatic, Romantic, Casual and Classic.

Dramatic style is bold, angular, bright, and definitely a statement. It usually has a strong and simple design, with clean lines and is independent of the current modes. It is jewellery to be noticed, and one piece will be enough.

Romantic is more decorative and often features patterns and elements of nature, in particular, the flower. It is full of little details. It may have an antique look and could even be something from your mother’s collection or a wonderful vintage discovery.

Classic is the kind of jewellery that doesn’t date, for example pearls. It is elegant and timeless. They tend towards the neutral colours and like the subtle pieces. They can be investment pieces rather than for short term wear. Earrings are important accessories for classic style and they will be understated, like studs rather than dangling.

Casual styles are often organic in design or material. They are free flowing in line and design but not fussy. Often they reflect the fashions of the moment. They may include animal prints, and natural materials like wood, shell and stone. Often the casual personality will not wear jewellery at all.

Why is it, then, that you don’t fit cleanly into any one category?

Personality is a funny thing. It has many different facets to it including some that only show under certain circumstances. Each has an influence on what you choose to wear at the time. You will rarely wear something that is totally removed from your main style and be fully comfortable with it. I do believe, though, that your tastes will change with age and experience and become a reflection of the person you have become. Look back through your jewellery wardrobe and I’m sure that you will be able to track the stages you have been through. Your tastes as a teenager may be quite different from that of the grown woman.

Moods have a lot to do with your selections of the moment. Have you ever felt bored with the way you looked and tried something different? Hmm, that geometric piece will be great tonight and I can put my pearls away……..

Jewellery selections can be influenced by your situation. If you work in a corporate environment you may find that you select classic pieces to complement your business outfit. Chandelier earrings don’t lend a lot of credibility to someone presenting a merger proposal, nor will many pearls be seen at a rock concert, although they can look good in black leather!

Many people will have a cross over influence. While you will have one preferred style there will be elements of another. For example, you could be classically romantic, or dramatically casual. If your preferred component is pearl but you select pieces with lots of dangles rather than a simple strand then chances are you are classically romantic.

It is not often that the influence will be the direct opposite of your predominant style if that is Dramatic. Dramatic jewellery is large and often simple, the exact opposite of the romantic style which tends to the decorative and ‘frilly’. That is the prescription for a night of discomfort. Fortunately the other styles can blend to a greater extent.

So why is it helpful to know about these personalities?

Accessories such as jewellery are all part of the image that you present to the world. Careful selection of your outfits and jewellery can be helpful if want to project a particular image. In a job interview, for example, you want to establish credibility and a sense of reliability, so the more classic pieces will help set the image.

When you are shopping to suit a particular outfit or occasion you will be better able to assess each piece. A floaty, floral evening dress will not be suited to a chunky abstract necklace and earrings, nor will beachwear sit happily with rhinestones.

To look really good the whole outfit needs to be consistent in style and appropriate to the situation. Jewellery can make or break the outfit so select your pieces with care.

About the author:

Anne Maybus [B.A., GradDipBus (HRD)} has 15 years experience in human resources. She is the owner of, a website aimed at increasing the confidence of women returning to work,, an online store and is the creator of a business women’s network at .

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