Saturday, June 03, 2006

Welcome to The Tall Poppy.

The Tall Poppy is the Clever Streak newsletter.

At Clever Streak we believe that everyone should be a tall poppy at least once in their lives. We address the needs of women, particularly Mum's, who are returning to work.

Clever Streak has three divisions within the business. Each is a stand-alone business and operated independently of the others. You may use one part of the business or all of them depending on your needs.

It is a 3 stage process designed to help women return to work.

Clever Streak builds their confidence via image improvements and some training/coaching in areas like Interview Skills. We do that individually or in groups. We help with resumes and advise on dressing for interviews. They are then ready to find a job. Visit

Beauty Banquet is an online shop, but we sell to wholesalers and recruit consultants to sell via party plan. It offers a way to get back to work with little or no outlay via a party plan way of selling the very things that they have found so useful - makeup, jewellery, accessories. It offers not only the products but personalised help to set up and get going, including business planning, sales help and product knowledge. It gives them the option of developing their own business or becoming a BB consultant. We help with both options. Visit

The Business Women's Network, while localized at the moment, is designed to support them once they are back to work. It will link them with people who have been there/done that so that they can learn from others, and have a sounding board when they need it. It also moves them a step away from us towards complete independence as a business owner.
It is a complete process, not one which addresses only part of the need. The individuals can pick and choose which pieces or services they need. Visit

For once in your life, be a tall poppy.

We shall be publishing hints. tips and useful articles for you so keep an eye out. If you have anything that you would like included here please post and let us know.

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