Monday, March 27, 2006

About Me.

My name is Anne Maybus. I am a business woman and mother of 3 children. We have entered the teenage years so life is at the mercy of moods and hormones. We live in country Victoria crowded into a home with a dog, cat, gazillion books and DVD’s and assorted paraphernalia.

In my pre-child life I was a Human Resource specialist, with experience in most facets of that area. My main role was as training manager for a large organisation. After having my children I trained as a Colour and Style Consultant, not that you would know it by looking at me. I see myself as the image consultant for the average person. You know - shops at Target and so on; owns one pair of good shoes.

I am the sort of person who likes to try lots of things and that has extended into my business life. I own:

Beauty Banquet (yes, I am addicted to silver jewellery)

Banner Bitz - fast and inexpensive banners

Clever Streak - writing for small businesses

Aussie Shopping List - directory of great Aussie online stores and services

I also love to write and have flung my words across the blogosphere (sorry about that)

My Day Off

Beauty Banquet Blog

Cherry Mag

and of course, here at The Tall Poppy.

One thing you will notice throughout it all is that it is all about encouraging women to make the most of themselves. Why stay like a weed when you can bloom like a poppy?

I hope you enjoy my work.


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